The Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee

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Improving traffic safety by keeping Virginia’s first responders  
safe, quick, and efficient.

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The Committee

Established in 2013, the Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee (STIM) serves the commonwealth by making sure state and local agencies are being safe, operating efficiently, and coordinating their efforts when dealing with traffic incidents on Virginia’s roadways.

The committee works with traffic incident management (TIM) groups of first responders throughout Virginia, and serves as a productive and efficient method of managing and coordinating the important issue of traffic safety.

This site is to help visitors get to know us better, and provides a resource library and other information that enables the committee to maintain the increased level of communication between responder agencies across the commonwealth.

VA STIM Agenies

Did you know?

Half of the congestion on Virginia’s roadways occurs dues to a traffic incident? Helping local and state agencies respond quickly, efficiently, and safely is the top priority of the Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management committee.

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