The Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee

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It's About How Responders Respond


The three main tasks of the Virginia Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee (STIM) are to: 

  1. Review interagency responder safety practices
  2. Audit incident clearance rates
  3. Improve inter-operable communications between responding agencies throughout Virginia

Several agencies, at the local, county, and state level, are often involved when there is a traffic incident. To make sure everyone is operating effectively together, the commonwealth formed the Statewide Traffic Incident Management committee.

The committee consists of representatives from seven state agencies:

In addition, leaders from local fire, rescue and law enforcement organizations and associations are members.

What The Committee Does

The Virginia STIM committee serves as an advisory committee to public safety leaders and transportation experts whose job is to manage traffic incidents.

The committee helped develop a comprehensive traffic incident manual for local and state agencies to use. 

The committee promotes traffic incident management by encouraging the development of traffic incident management (TIM) regional teams, fostering collaboration, communication and cooperation among the commonwealth's emergency responders and keeping emergency responders up to date on national rules, regulations and trends related to safe roadway incident operations.

Our Goals

Did you know?

Every time there’s a traffic incident in Virginia, First Responders from a range of state and local agencies are involved. Reviewing what happens as these agencies interact is the job of the Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee.

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